Intriduction to PTC sites

I am here to say you How you can get Direct referrals for your Down line. I write some blog articles that are listed on the right side of this blog. Don't waste your time and money for buying books and other materials. The secret are only some techniques, nothing more. Read all Blog articles here and you will understand about referral secret. No need to waste money just read all blog.

Some trusted PTC site that are most popular in the world

1.  Neobux     -----  Register Now    [Details About Neobux]
2.  Clixsense  -----  Register Now    [Details About Clixsense]
3.  Clicksia    -----  Register Now    [Details About Clicksia]
4.  Incentria   -----  Register Now    [Details About Incentria]
5.  Wordlinx  -----  Register Now    [Details About Wordlinx]
6.  InfinityBux ---  Register Now    [Details About InfinityBux]
7.  test running....

Get Direct referrals for clixsense

I already describe some basic and best technique to get direct referral in my previous post. Now i want to tell about clicxsense. here you have to spend money to get direct referral. The advertising cost are below. One ad credit = one page view. The benefit of this ad, who will view this ads, they must stay on the page - can not minimize and hide. Only focus on the ads.

Get direct referrals for Neobux

Clixsense also giving you to get unlimited income opportunity. But it depends on how many referral in your down line. It gives you 8 level of income opportunity. So you need more referrals. i already told you some techniques without invest get referral but if you get more referral you have to invest some. Neobux is a leading PTC site in the world. If you give ads on neobux then you get thousand of direct referrals from world wide.
First register for neobux and validate your account from your email.  

See below screenshot of some ads. 

Get Direct referral without investment